If we look at the age-old concept of time is money, this idealogy is still true today. It would be outrageous for a marketing team to think about it any other way. In this blog post, we will uncover the main issues that arise when deciding on whether to hire an individual or a marketing agency.

Free up time for your work 

It has been our experience with our clients that time is usually in the top three challenges they face in regards to marketing efforts. If you think of it on the contradictory side, spending a large majority of your day could consist of managing ad accounts, designing and developing a series of graphic images, or even just pondering on what should even be included in video marketing. There is plenty more where that came from. 

Modernize your strategy

Gone are the days of being a unicorn in an industry. As competition continues to grow and pivot, so does the whole marketing spectrum. What was effective even 5 years ago may not offer any return on investment. Working with a skilled team who are actively ‘knee-deep’ in industry research, allows for a business to continue to look at new and unique strategies and partnerships to engage with a broader audience.

Keep payroll costs down

Let’s look at one of the biggest questions in marketing from a business owner’s perspective. Should I just hire an in-house marketer or should I hire an agency? Let’s explore both.

If you think of the average annual salary for a highly skilled in-house marketing expert, you are looking at around $50k plus a year minimum, and that is before the hard cost for paid advertising and contracting additional services.

Where that person may be the most diligent and hard-working individual. Managing, creating, and developing an entire strategy with graphics, videos, press, content calendar etc, would stretch the best superhero pretty thin. 

To offer an example, you may run into issues where they are experienced in social media marketing but have no capacity for global press support or long-form video. So on the contrary, working with an agency gives you access to an ‘Avengers’ style team. Think about it, why would a marketing agency hire staff with all of the same skills? The answer is, they don’t. 

It is in your vested interest to learn more about the team you may see yourself working with. Of course, business owners want to work with the right people. That’s why, for us, our priority has and always will be transparency and building lasting relationships with our clients.

Reporting return on your investment 

The keyword here being “reported”. Pretty much every marketing company out there will say they can produce a positive return on your investment(ROI). Not to point fingers, but where a lot of marketers fail is in their ability to report that data to a business owner. 

The question we love to ask is, what does success look like to you? If you want social media growth reported through analytics by the number, you got it. If you want to look at lead counts generated versus how many converted to a sale, you got it. If you want a video done and have no concept of how to track user engagement, we got it. 

In summary, both options are one way of achieving success. The latter may offer more risk, lack of technical acumen or relationships, but will offer a more day to day control over your marketing spend. To hire a marketing agency is to bring a team into your world and discover new ways to grow. Utilizing the technical acumen and relationships of an experienced marketing agency may offer far more value than simply providing a service.

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