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We believe we can contribute to the evolution of human consciousness.

BOC independently fundraises and produces original documentary films and TV series. This brings additional value to our clients as we can position their videos on television in front of their target audience. We are currently producing twelve documentary films for Canada’s 150th birthday. For more information contact BOC Executive Producer Matt Keay.


The WeMaple Project looks to inspire all Canadians to get involved in telling our country’s story – past, present, and future.


BOC partnered with the Calgary Police and the Alberta Government to produce a series of videos and a documentary TV project to educate the public on the negative impacts of impaired driving.


Motherland is a TV series that celebrates Pan-African culture while providing a platform for new immigrants to better integrate into Canadian society.


The Solar Hero Documentary follows Team Alberta as they compete in the Solar Decathlon; an international competition that challenges 20 student teams to build the most energy efficient and sustainable solar powered home.


Transformation to Parenthood is a twelve part documentary series designed to educate parents on the different choices available during pregnancy, birth, and early parenting.


In partnership with Native communities of Treaty 7, this film draws on the respect, equity and inclusion of Canada’s Solar Decathlon 2011 project to raise awareness of the aboriginal housing crisis and explore holistic solutions to it.


In Canada, the rampant corruption on Aboriginal reserves, high suicide rates, addiction, and the housing crisis are all effects of contact and colonization. Antigone explores causes and possible solutions.


An uncommon, neuron-firing conversation with sustainability outliers, leading environmental philosophers, and captains of industry that lead insights to undreamed worlds in the energy space.

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