Multi-Languages Video

Creating a video to showcase the international appeal of Eavor

What The Video Is

This video is designed to highlight Eavor’s international diversity by showing all the people involved with Eavor from around the world.

It will consist of a script reading in your native language and any other language in which you are fluent. 

The videos will then be cut together and mixed with music, b-roll and subtitles with a final master version created including everyone. This master videos will be available to be shared on social media and anywhere else you see fit.

There will also be individual videos focused on specific languages that can be shared in the specific countries which use those languages. 


Please watch this video to understand some of our inspiration for this video.

We would like to build a video for Eavor with a similar theme, but for us, we’d like to highlight our international diversity.

What We'd Like You To Do

Use your phone, your computer, or any other video camera you would like to use. Record your self reading the script in your native language or any other languages in which you are fluent.

Please ensure you record in a quiet room with good lighting and you record in landscape mode and not in portrait mode. See photo >>

You can record the entire script in one single take, or you can record individual takes per line if you need to, to get it right. 

The Script

The script has been written with input from the Eavor staff and the marketing team. We have translated the script into a few languages but the translations might not be perfect, if they are not, please email Graham@businessoncamera.com and we’ll get the script corrected.

You can also email us if you’re able to translate the script into another language for others. we will then add your new script translation to the site.

Eavor-Loop produces much-needed reliable dispatchable baseload power.

Eavor-Loop mitigates or eliminates many of the issues that hold back other renewable forms of energy production.

Much like a massive subsurface radiator an Eavor-Loop™ simply collects energy from the natural heat gradient of the Earth via a highly efficient conduction based system.

Eavor is dedicated to creating a clean, reliable and affordable energy future on a global scale.

Change the World.

Energy forever.

Change the World with Energy

The future is forever.

Eavor-Loop holds the promise to transforms the worlds energy stack, address climate change and provide socioeconomic balances for all.

Clean, scalable, resilient, reliable and dispatchable baseload power for everyone, forever.

Eavor-Loop erzeugt die dringend benötigte zuverlässige versandfähige Grundlastleistung.

Eavor-Loop mildert oder beseitigt viele der Probleme, die andere erneuerbare Formen der Energieerzeugung behindern.

Ähnlich wie bei einem massiven Untergrundstrahler sammelt ein Eavor-Loop ™ einfach über ein hocheffizientes leitungsbasiertes System Energie aus dem natürlichen Wärmegradienten der Erde.

Eavor hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, eine saubere, zuverlässige und erschwingliche Energiezukunft auf globaler Ebene zu schaffen.

Die Welt verändern.

Energie für immer.

Verändere die Welt mit Energie
für immer.

Die Zukunft ist für immer.

Eavor-Loop verspricht, den Energiestapel der Welt zu verändern, den Klimawandel anzugehen und sozioökonomische Gleichgewichte für alle zu schaffen.

Saubere, skalierbare, belastbare, zuverlässige und versandfähige Grundlastleistung für alle, für immer.

Eavor-Loop produceert de broodnodige betrouwbare dispatchable basislast.

Eavor-Loop verzacht of elimineert veel van de problemen die andere vormen van hernieuwbare energieproductie tegenhouden.

Net als een enorme ondergrondse radiator verzamelt een Eavor-Loop ™ eenvoudig energie uit de natuurlijke warmtegradiënt van de aarde via een zeer efficiënt geleidingssysteem.

Eavor zet zich in voor het creëren van een schone, betrouwbare en betaalbare energietoekomst op wereldschaal.

Verander de wereld.

Energie voor altijd.

Verander de wereld met energie
voor altijd.

De toekomst is voor altijd.

Eavor-Loop heeft de belofte om de energiestapel van de wereld te transformeren, klimaatverandering aan te pakken en sociaaleconomische balansen voor iedereen te bieden.

Schone, schaalbare, veerkrachtige, betrouwbare en dispatchable basislast voor iedereen, voor altijd.

Eavor-Loop produit une puissance de charge de base fiable, indispensable et distribuable.

Eavor-Loop atténue ou élimine bon nombre des problèmes qui freinent d’autres formes renouvelables de production d’énergie.

Tout comme un radiateur souterrain massif, un Eavor-Loop ™ collecte simplement l’énergie du gradient de chaleur naturel de la Terre via un système à conduction très efficace.

Eavor se consacre à la création d’un avenir énergétique propre, fiable et abordable à l’échelle mondiale.

Change le monde.

De l’énergie pour toujours.

Changer le monde avec l’énergie
pour toujours.

L’avenir est pour toujours.

Eavor-Loop a la promesse de transformer la pile énergétique du monde, de lutter contre le changement climatique et de fournir des équilibres socio-économiques pour tous.

Une alimentation de base propre, évolutive, résiliente, fiable et distribuable pour tout le monde, pour toujours.

Eavor-Loop produce una potenza di caricamento di base affidabile e affidabile.

Eavor-Loop mitiga o elimina molti dei problemi che trattengono altre forme rinnovabili di produzione di energia.

Proprio come un enorme radiatore sotterraneo, un Eavor-Loop ™ raccoglie semplicemente energia dal gradiente di calore naturale della Terra attraverso un sistema a conduzione altamente efficiente.

Eavor si dedica alla creazione di un futuro energetico pulito, affidabile e conveniente su scala globale.

Cambiare il mondo.

Energia per sempre.

Cambia il mondo con energia
per sempre.

Il futuro è per sempre

Eavor-Loop ha la promessa di trasformare la pila di energia del mondo, affrontare i cambiamenti climatici e fornire equilibri socioeconomici per tutti.

Potenza di caricamento di base pulita, scalabile, resistente, affidabile e dispacciabile per tutti, per sempre.











How To Submit Your Video

Once you’ve completed your video(s) please email them to Graham@businessoncamera.com

If required, you may also upload the video(s) to a file sharing service like Google Drive or Dropbox. Then email a link to download the videos to Graham@businessoncamera.com

Please be aware, if you use a file sharing service, please ensure the viewing permissions are set to ‘Open’ or ‘Public’ so that we can download them to use without issue.

Thank You

We appreciate your time and effort in participating in this video. It would not have been possible without everyone’s support.

We will let everyone know when the video is completed and available to be shared on all social media.

Again, Thank you from everyone at Eavor.


  1. Copyright: All materials delivered by Producer to the Partner will be owned by the Partner including to but not limited to: photos, videos, social media posts, written, audio content.

Business on Camera is not liable for any copyright issues, locations, or individuals appearing on camera that arise from this partnership.

  1. Schedule: The Producer will film and edit the video and produce first draft in 48 hours.

  2. Drafts and Deliverables: Upon request, The Producer will provide drafts of all deliverables and the Partner may request one rounds of edits following initial draft(s). The Producer will implement any edits requested from the Partner and any additional time to be billed at $50/hour.

  3. Producer and Partner will work collaboratively on throughout process.

  4. Termination: Either party may terminate this agreement with 30 days notice to the other party. Any balance on Partner account will be due within 10 days of receipt.

  5. Any additional costs approved prior for example music or special graphic design.

This Service Agreement shall at all times be interpreted pursuant to the laws of Canada.

Principle #1
With Discipline over the small things we will become rulers over any major things.

Principle #2
While in a state of Gratitude, there is no room for fear and scarcity.

Principle #3
You cannot effectively lead, motivate or influence a person you do not understand. Empathy is the skill of understanding and recognizing others’ feelings and perspectives and when you know how our clients, Brand Partners, and Associates feel, we thrive.

Principle #4
Integrity and Accountability go hand in hand. We aren’t always able to keep our word, things happen and things change. In order to stay in integrity with ourselves, our family, our clients, and associates our word carries weight and means something.

Principle #5
Clear Communication is more about the listener than it is the speaker. Listen without borders and park your assumptions. We remain open to learning and when we do speak, we are responsible for each and every word.

Principle #6
Focus = QUALITY and is incredibly important to give full attention to the listening, presenting, task at hand, or whatever it is because if you will be able to give it the full attention to minimize errors, more fully understand a person in conversation, perform at the highest quality.

Since 2006 Business on Camera has independently fundraised and produced $3M of film and television content. This means thirty documentary films and episodes of television for distribution in film festival, and on TV on Shaw TV and Telus Optik TV.

We have operated for nearly a decade in a variety of structures including up to fifteen full time employees and contractors. Over the past eighteen months BOC has moved into a social innovation ecosystem to get immersed in the world of nonprofits and social enterprise. We have diverse clients and partners who are contributing to creating meaningful change in communities – locally, regionally, nationally, and around the world.

1.0 Branding

  • Brand position and brand definition
  • Review of short and long term objectives
  • Audience Insights, Marketing channels, Market Research
  • Naming, Sensory Identity, Perceptions, Expectations, Persona, Visual Logo
  • Key Messaging, Language, Visual Aesthetics and Design, Moodboards

2.0 Strategic Marketing & Communications Plan

  • Strategic Communications Planning Sessions Biweekly/Monthly as required
  • Research component to identify grant opportunities to support Comms/Media
  • Research component to identify strategic partnerships
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Segmentation, Channels, Key Activities, Key Resources
  • Social Media Strategy & Timing (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter)
  • Identify crisis communications plan in the case of conflict, serious incident, or other potential unforeseen circumstances

2.1 Audience Segments

  • Who do we need to communicate to and what do we need to say?
  • Investors/Stakeholders/Partners/End Users/Clients/Government

2.2 Systems

  • Clearly define objectives & strategies
  • Comms/Marketing campaign design, brand awareness & positioning
  • Automation with technology ie/ Infusionsoft, ClickFunnels, MailChimp, etc

2.3 Content Creation

  • Social Media Assessment (timing)
  • Social Media Management & Marketing (Facebook Pixel, Data Collection)
  • Photos/Video/Documentary
  • Events

3.0 Websites

  • Site structure, site content, aesthetics and sequencing
  • Layout and design
  • Content creation and assets (typography, graphic design, photos)
  • Safeguards and security, hosting
  • Registration, Email configuration, User profile fields and login

4.0 Video Production

  • Fund Development
  • Creative Services
  • Executive Producer, Production, Director, Production Manager, Director of Photography, Production Design, Editor, Insurance, Audits

5.0 Public Relations

  • Press Releases
  • Distribution to media outlets
  • Follow ups
  • Media Training / Coaching
  • Re-purposing news for social media marketing

6.0 Social Media Marketing

  • Creations of engaging social media content
  • Monitoring metrics and analytics
  • Strategic decision making regarding based on metrics
  • Brand awareness
  • Direct Response
  • Lead generation 

7.0 Financial Strength & Stability

(1) 1226330 Alberta Ltd. O/A Business on Camera (BOC) was incorporated in 2010 and has been in continuous operation and generation of communications & media solutions
(2) BOC has financial strength and reliability to meet assurance requirements and client deliverables.
(3) BOC demonstrates reliability in meeting obligations based on credit ratings, including names and addresses of other subcontractors, contractors, and suppliers with whom we have dealt
(4) BOC is compliant with laws, regulations, and lease including Federal and Provincial Government Audit Procedures.

All media, production, marketing, licensing, and consulting sales are final.  
We do not issue refunds or exchange for services for any deliverables protected by Service Agreement. 

Package 1

Services & Deliverables
$ 997 Monthly
  • Monthly Meetings
  • Social Media Strategy (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Social Media Management (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Social Media Marketing (Ad Sets, Facebook Pixel, Data Collection)
  • Customized report on optimal keywords for target audience

Package 2

Services & Deliverables
$ 1997 Monthly
  • [ Everything in Package 1 ] +
  • Design of monthly campaign including writing, photos from content creation
  • Bonus PR (Public Relations) featured in the news!
  • Bonus BOC iPhone Pro Video Monthly
  • Continuous monitoring of positions/rankings and score with analytics and traffic
  • Monitoring and adjusting campaign for optimal results
  • Meticulous targeting of key demographic audience

Package 3

Services & Deliverables
$ 2997 Monthly
  • [ Everything in Package 1 ] +
  • [ Everything in Package 2 ] +
  • Custom graphic design, video, photography
  • Plus specific original content creation for LinkedIn, Twitter, as required