5 Ways to use Virtual Reality in Your Marketing

5 Ways to use VR in your marketing

The world of advertising is changing, from new social media unicorns such as Clubhouse to senior executives attending large-scale conferences looking sharp from the waist up. VR in marketing has already shown many of us that the boundaries for what is possible can continue to be pushed. In market size, a Grand View Research report […]

Running Video Ad Campaigns on YouTube – Quick Guide

YouTube video campaigns

Youtube has become a powerhouse for content creators, advertisers, and strategic marketers. Rightly so, with over 2 billion active users every month, swallowing up one-third of all internet traffic across the world.  Don’t let your jaw drop just yet. Youtube is also a lucrative way to earn a living, boasting more than a 40% year […]

Advertising spend forecast for 2021

Ad spend forecast

With ad spend forecasts, there is an assumed level of nuance taken into each report. Every business regardless of size has variable goals that are rarely comparable. Similarly for marketing agencies, financial projections can be challenging as tomorrow could be the day you land that “golden egg” client.  With that front of mind, the numbers […]

What Happened to Google’s SEO Guidelines?

Business On Camera

Marketers who fall into the category of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) service offerings are and should aware of the continuous changes to Google’s algorithms. Some happen so often that even the team at Google would emphasize the un-importance of such. However on occasion, typically once or twice a year, Google will do a core algorithm update. […]

Here’s What Happened When A German Man Got Stuck In Calgary Amid COVID-19

A German traveller stuck in Canada as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic is the latest addition to the Business on Camera team in Calgary, Alberta. Josef Bodenbenner, from Marburg, Germany speaks English, Spanish and German and is BOC’s new Director of International Language and Culture. Business on Camera is an award-winning documentary film company […]

BOC Presents Transformation to Parenthood on Shaw TV

BOC Transformation to Parenthood Another BOC produced TV series goes on TV this fall! Transformation to Parenthood is a 6 part documentary series that creates awareness for the community and for new parents during early pregnancy, birth, and childhood. Current partners and stakeholders include Alberta Government and Shaw Media. For more information please contact mattkeay@businessoncamera.com […]

(TV) Energyconvo Presents : Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Energyconvo Presents : Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Another BOC production airs tonight at 10:30pm on Shaw TV. Set your PVRs for Energyconvo on ch.10. Please pop us an email with any feed to BOC Executive Producer Matt Keay in Calgary at mattkeay@businessoncamera.com Cheers! See More: Why Hire A Marketing Agency? How to approach marketing on […]


http://youtu.be/C-mkG0HhdP0 PIPELINE WARS WILL BLOW YOU AWAY NO MATTER WHAT SIDE YOU’RE ON Documentary filmmakers Matt Keay, Sylvester Ndumbi and Justin Robinson are putting the finishing touches on their unreleased doc about a topic that is near and dear to their hearts – a sustainable energy future. As the title, “Pipeline Wars: A Burning Debate […]

BOC Works on 4th Political Campaign – Alberta’s Next Premier – Jim Prentice

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GoCwvNgsnA Business on Camera will be working on our 4th political campaign – Alberta’s Next Premier – Jim Prentice. We first worked on the Naheed Nenshi in 2010, then Gary Mar 2011, later Farouk Adatia MLA (Alison Redford’s Chief of Staff) and and now to the left you can see the most recently produced video […]

BOC Executive Producer Matt Keay Speaks About Impaired Driving

Calgary hosted a CURIE/WCURL Workshop on June 19th, 201 to discuss specialized insurance and risks to Canadian Universities. Matt Keay was invited by University of Lethbridge’s Director of Risk & Safety, Anne Baxter to speak about the impacts of binge drinking and impaired driving. For more information and booking information please contact BOC Executive Producer […]