BOC Quoted in Rolling Stone for the Eavor “Harmony” Video Production

BOC Quoted in Rolling Stone for the Eavor Harmony Video Published on October 2nd 2020, an article on Eavor Technologies was featured in Rolling Stone for their “Harmony” video campaign. This piece covered a deeper insight into their company, technology and to introduce the “Harmony” video to public audiences. Noted in our case study, the […]

BOC Produces series of videos chronicling ACAD student paintings with oil produced from Osum’s Saleski Joint Venture Development Ambiguous Figure, Danielle, Folkerts, Bitument and Newsprint on Canvas

From the artist: “My painting is an expressive portrait which ambiguously reflects vintage photography. The piece contains built up layers of medium and natural and old materials; the bitumen itself Is slowly worked up starting with thin washes and contrasting rich heavy marks. The image works with the movement and texture of the materials and […]

BOC Executive Producer Matt Keay on Global TV with Sudanese Lost Boy Rapper Hot Dogg

BOC Production Crew will be heading to Nairobi, Kenya to reunite Sudanese Lost Boy Rapper Hot Dogg with his estranged mother. We caught up with Global TV’s Saturday morning show to tell the story. For more on Hot Dogg, check out the news segments from Global Calgary’s evening broadcast here:

Broadcast times on Shaw TV announced for Solar Hero 2 Documentary

Solar Hero 2 follows the only Canadian entry into the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2011 Solar Decathlon – a competition where 20 student teams from around the world build solar powered homes that are displayed in Washington, DC. The University of Calgary’s student team partnered with Treaty 7 First Nations to build a home that […]

BOC sponsors CUAI on Aboriginal Gala Event and Family Day at Millennium Park

For these events BOC will provide video coverage of the speakers, entertainment, and attendees. The promotional video can be sent out to email list thanking those who attended and to give those who missed the event a sneak preview. BOC will also deliver a second video similar to the gala, which offers coverage of the […]

BOC Videographer David Copithorne to visit Africa with Rapper Hot Dogg.

David is a very talented videographer who not only has excellent camera skills, but he can be trusted to assemble videos in post-production. He will be a great asset for BOC abroad while travelling through Africa. He will be gathering interviews and footage about the unrest in Sudan and the reunion of Samuel Mijok Lang […]