Case Studies

Eavor Technologies is a geothermal technology company with headquarters in Calgary, AB and London, England. Their groundbreaking technology continues to drive the energy transition as they scale and expand across the globe. 

In this case study, we extrapolate on our ongoing work with their campaign, including:

  • Social Media Marketing and Management.
  • Video Production/Animation.
  • Content Creation/Writing.
  • Public Relations.

Exmerce is a business trade exchange based in Calgary. Nelson and his team are committed to helping small businesses in Calgary leverage barter
through the Exmerce virtual currency to help companies increase sales, save cash, and turn excess capacity into profit.

In this case study, we offer insight into the design of

  • A new website optimized for mobile.
  • An animated explainer video.

Your Health Span is a Calgary based mobile massage, acupuncture, wellness, and spa services company. The goal was to align a new website for online booking and a point of contact for new customers. The focus was to align the branding to meet the holistic criteria of wellness services.

In this case study, we offer insight into:

  • A re-branded website optimized for mobile with online booking integration. 

Little Learners is a preschool based in Calgary. It caters to children between 2.5 to 5 years old, offering dynamic learning through various programs. Working with their team, BOC delivered:

  • A new website, branded with key elements celebrated by the preschool.
  • An email newsletter send out to parents and interested subscribers. 
  • An online booking form application for prospective parents looking to enroll their child. 

WeMaple was created to celebrate culture, creativity and discussion around social issues in Canada. In collaboration with Calgary Arts Development, we created a mini-documentary series to inspire Canadians of all ages with “The Storytelling Project”.

Within the WeMaple series, one of our goals was to bring a number of thought leaders to a place where they were interviewed about their views on the energy conversation, allowing what has been deemed a polarizing topic to be viewed from all sides in the hopes of finding balance.

Part of the WeMaple project focused on celebrating “Canada 150” in 2017. To date, we have created over 197 short videos for the series.

If you are interested in working with BOC or are simply looking to get in touch with our business development team, head over to our contact page to reach out today. Let’s start a journey together.