The Solar Decathlon, held every second year in Washington D.C. by the US Department of Energy, is an event that combines both the practical, and the exciting and spectacular nature of environmentalism. Approximately twenty teams consisting of college and university students from around the world gather to compete to see who can build the most viable solar-powered home. The criteria for the homes is not based solely on efficiency, but on quality of construction and aesthetic consideration, and such as it is the Solar Decathlon is not only a race to build the most scientifically ingenious home, but a race to provide the blueprint for the next generation of viable and desirable eco-friendly homes.

Business on Camera created an online TV show called Solar Hero following Enmax SolAbode and Team Alberta (University of Calgary, SAIT, Mount Royal, ACAD) as they competed in the 2009 Solar Decathlon. A summary was given relating the general progress of the team, their next few steps, and any possible foreseeable obstacles along the way. Interviews would be conducted with team members to capture personal opinions of the project, its current status, and feelings about one’s own team and the other competitors. Animated footage provided information on the general status of each team in relation to the others, as well as provided practical environmental information for around the house, workplace, and community. Solar Hero is a window on the best young minds in Alberta working brilliantly to create new avenues in solar living.

BOC Production Team will spend roughly 3 weeks on the ground in Madrid providing coverage of this prestigious event.

“We are very pleased to have Matt Keay and the Solar Hero team come visit us from Canada and cover our event. After seeing Solar Hero videos produced in 2009, we became very excited to meet this Canadians,” stated Jose Manuel Paez, the event organizer.

“All of us at Business on Camera are very excited to come to Madrid and capture the magic of the first ever Solar Decathlon Europe,” said Matt Keay, BOC Executive Producer. “It’s a lot of work to produce 13 web videos in 14 days and upload them daily to YouTube, but with the innovative creativity on the Solar Hero campaign last year in 2009, we can’t wait to do it all again. The videos will be posted on a new YouTube channel and will be promoted on the US Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon website, along with the SD Europe website and social media.”

For more information, please contact:

BOC Executive Producer
Matt Keay

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