Creative Intelligence

The Company

Business on Camera (BOC) is a Calgary based visual public relations firm specializing in corporate communications, video and social media marketing. We work with different levels of government, academia, and local & international business to deliver effective communications solutions through multiple platforms and means. From concept through to strategic delivery, our team of video business professionals will deliver results on time and on budget. Click here to view some of our work!


Human-centred design and thinking in order to explore what is needed around a tough problem and create prototypes of potential solutions.

strategic planning

Facilitating and co-creating strategic planning processes based on client and stakeholder feedback, best practices, government directions or emerging trends and opportunities.


Develop metrics, analytics, and insights for all platforms to meet measurable KPI’s that align with business objectives.


Develop engaging digital and traditional media content in support of communications and business objectives.


Extensive knowledge of cultural, political, and government in relation to energy, cannabis, nonprofit and social enterprise.


Critical, creative, and empathetic leadership that strives to understand needs from an individual level and can put those needs into a systems perspective.


Foster a culture that creates a sense of gratitude, empathy, accountability, and effective communication.


Interested in the evolution of human consciousness and the future of the human experience.