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Take the strategic media planning of a PR firm and mix it with a video production company. BOC recognizes that one of the major challenges companies face, is communications. Once we understand your current communications efforts we are able to identify the best way to tell your story. Result Driven. Visual Public Relations incorporates video into your communications plan and delivers your message to your audience.







The Company

Business on Camera (BOC) is a Calgary based visual public relations firm specializing in corporate communications and video marketing. We work with different levels of government, academia, and local & international business to deliver effective communications solutions through video. From concept through to strategic delivery, our team of video business professionals will deliver results on time and on budget. Click here to view some of our work!


We will work with you from beginning to end to produce exactly what you want. And changes are easy!


Today’s sophisticated viewers watch about 4 billion YouTube videos each day. Stand out from the crowd!


With the latest in HD Video & Sound Production, BOC guarantees your product will look and sound great!


Capture results by influencing public opinion and communicating your message across a variety of platforms.


Whether its YouTube or HTML5, you can rest assured it will be compatible with devices such as iPhone, Blackberry & iPad.


We are a boutique operation with a core team of 6 people who answer the phone and get back through email same day.

Independent Projects

We believe we can contribute to the evolution of human consciousness.

BOC independently fundraises and produces original documentary films and TV series. This brings additional value to our clients as we can position their videos on television in front of their target audience. We are currently producing twelve documentary films for Canada’s 150th birthday. For more information contact BOC Executive Producer Matt Keay.

Canada 150 – WeMaple

The WeMaple Project looks to inspire all Canadians to get involved in telling our country’s story – past, present, and future.


Motherland is a TV series that celebrates Pan-African culture while providing a platform for new immigrants to better integrate into Canadian society.

Transformation to Parenthood

Transformation to Parenthood is a twelve part documentary series designed to educate parents on the different choices available during pregnancy, birth, and early parenting.


In Canada, the rampant corruption on Aboriginal reserves, high suicide rates, addiction, and the housing crisis are all effects of contact and colonization. Antigone explores causes and possible solutions.

Black & White

BOC partnered with the Calgary Police and the Alberta Government to produce a series of videos and a documentary TV project to educate the public on the negative impacts of impaired driving.

Solar Hero

The Solar Hero Documentary follows Team Alberta as they compete in the Solar Decathlon; an international competition that challenges 20 student teams to build the most energy efficient and sustainable solar powered home.

Solar Hero 2

In partnership with Native communities of Treaty 7, this film draws on the respect, equity and inclusion of Canada’s Solar Decathlon 2011 project to raise awareness of the aboriginal housing crisis and explore holistic solutions to it.


An uncommon, neuron-firing conversation with sustainability outliers, leading environmental philosophers, and captains of industry that lead insights to undreamed worlds in the energy space.

Call us anytime for a free consultation 403-689-8485.

BOC Portfolio

A highlight of some of the work we have produced.

Energyconvo Part III Trailer


Southern Roofing and Waterproofing


What it’s like working at Osum


Osum Safety Conversations

Safety | Corporate

WinSport Ski Safe & Snowboard Video

Safety | Corporate

Natural Health Services

Safety | Corporate

Calgary Arts Development

Corporate | Documentary

WATCH IT! Where time matters more.


Kate Stevens

Corporate | Documentary

Clients and Partners

Why you’ll Love working with us

Business on Camera (BOC) is a Calgary based visual public relations company specializing in corporate communications and video marketing. We work with different levels of government, academia, and local & international business to deliver effective communications solutions through video.

Our team team of video business professionals will work with you to deliver results on time and on budget. Keep reading below to learn more about our process.
This is the area where we employ much of our expertise. During this stage, BOC will meet with your team to discuss the project in detail and identify important points like messaging, style of video, pace, tone, etc. In the event that the client has never been involved in a Pre – Production process before, BOC will provide coaching and guidance. BOC Pre-Production team works with the client to develop an industry standard script and storyboard outlining the production plan and vision. The client will be fully involved in this stage. After submitting the script and storyboard for approval, the client can make changes and edits until final draft has been signed off on.
The team consists of key talents including Production Manager, Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Camera Operator(s), Sound Engineer and Lighting Technician. The production team executes the script and storyboard approved by the client. This is the stage where we will film interviews (as required), b-roll and all necessary video footage outlined in the concept and storyboard. We work with industry standard equipment including 1080pHD cameras, lighting and sound equipment. The production will commence as soon as the client approves the script and storyboard. BOC also has a studio space with green screen and voiceover booth if required.
During the Post-Production stage, we will assemble the footage from the production team with the graphics designed by Graphic designers and edit the video. Appropriate music will be chosen for each individual video along with the voiceover or narration (as required). BOC Editor(s) will go to work creating a final product and provide a rough draft to the client. BOC will work with the client to accommodate any changes to the script or final project, as dictated by the client. From concept through to completion, BOC will work with the client through every stage of the production process to deliver the project on time and on budget.
Okay, we made you an awesome video – no what? BOC works to develop a strategic communications and video marketing strategy to get your message out there and capture your audience. With 300,000 + TV impressions monthly, and ways to increase your web and YouTube traffic, BOC not only creates great videos, but also finds ways to make sure people watch them!

Our Creative Team

Our team of experienced and creative video professionals are here to serve you and meet your needs on time and on budget.

Rossana Keay

Director of New Business

Co-creator of BOC’s Transformation to Parenthood TV series and administrator.

Matt Keay


Matt is a Calgary entrepreneur who grew up skateboarding and making skateboard videos. His role is primarily focused on creative direction and fundraising.

Joe Kelly

Lead Videographer

Joe Kelly is BOC lead videographer, seasoned filmmaker, editor and media artist.

James Pike

Technical Solutions Expert

James is a our technical lead and specializes in web technologies, we leverage his programming skills both internally and in developing specialized client solutions.

Miggs Rosales

Media Expert

Miggs Rosales is an Instagram wizard, creative artist, photographer, videographer, and graphic designer.

Oksana Porteous

Business Analyst

Oksana Porteous is a creative professional who uses her mad business skills to support the arts.

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